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Short Hairstyles for Women 2013

Short Hairstyles for Women 2013
Short Hairstyles for Women 2013

The most interesting part to do to dramatically change our fashion statement is by simply wearing the short hairstyles for women 2013. The short one often turns to be a great option because it gives totally different effect to the face. It gives fresh, natural and modest effect to the face profile. Take a look at how Rihanna looks fabulous with her short layered hairstyle and how Emma Watson looks magnificent with her short pixie. Such great appearance can certainly be anyone’s including you.

Short Hairstyle with Marilyn Monroe Curls

Short Hairstyles for Women 2013 Curls
Short Hairstyles for Women 2013

Appear to be unique with short hairstyles 2013 doesn’t mean you always have to go with straight or wavy short hair. There’s always one great alternative to alter your look. Try to get the curls of Marilyn Monroe to the short bob hairstyle you have. At first, this may sound odd but this will work great. It will simply make your face more elegant and classic. For oval faces, this hairstyle will work at its best. Get your curling iron and make some medium-sized curls on all parts of the hair including the bangs, if you have one. Pull the hair side of the hair so that your chin will be more visible.

Sleek Graduated Crop

Short Hairstyles for Women 2013 Trend
Short Hairstyles for Women 2013


To go a bit simpler with short hairstyle, there is this modest sleek graduated crop to try. It’s going to be one of the most favorite hairstyles 2013. Why? Because it’s the only short hairstyle which nicely makes you look mature. It’s easy to style as well. Side-parted is its one visible characteristic with graduated style on the back of the hair. This style will only work for straight hair so you might want to put aside your desire for this if your hair wavy or curly unless you decide to straighten your hair.

Now, have you made your choice? If you think you need more inspiring hairstyle ideas, feel free to get more insights available here.

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