Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles 2013
Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

Have you ever thought which trendy short bob hairstyles 2013 you love to have? Well, it doesn’t have to be bothering you because short bob hairstyle is basically nice, modest and classic one especially for straight hair. It can be below the ear and longer until it almost reaches the shoulder. Its simplicity makes it easy to care and to style so you don’t have to deal with complicated hair treatments every time you style the hair. Now, let’s get some insights of the most popular ones.

Karlie Short Bob Hairstyles

Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles 2013 Karlie
Karlie Short Bob Hairstyles 2013


Do you know Karlie Kloss? This young supermodel has been brought new trend in Hollywood with her new hairstyles 2013. Anyone adores her and loves for what she had done to her hair. It’s basically short hair hairstyle with natural looking loose curls from top to the end and straight short side bangs. This hairstyle is so natural that it looks chic and adorable. It instantly brings change to the face that women may look much younger just like how Karlie does. It looks a bit messy as well and it’s indeed one of the great things as it helps to bring out the bad girl character. If you have round or oval face, this will look great on you.

Bob Hairstyles with Fringe

Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles 2013 with Fringe
Bob Hairstyles with Fringe 2013


The most prominent reason behind the decision to get fringe is to simply balance the face profile because sometime the hair length is too short or too long. Take a look at Nicole Richie and Christina Ricci to see how chic the fringe can be. It can be relatively short or medium. It can also be a side-swept fringe if you think your face is too long. If you want to make it as simpler as possible, cut the fringe around the eyebrow and make it relatively thin.

The last thing you may do to make the short hairstyles 2013 more attractive is by coloring or highlighting it. Simply choose the best hair color you love and put it on.

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