Friday, April 12, 2013

Short Celebrity Hairstyles 2013

Have you been looking for short celebrity hairstyles 2013 for personal references? You do not do it wrong. Short hairstyles 2013 are not only cool, but also the new craze of many celebrities. However, in a matter of personal references, you should also know your own face shape, so you will get the best hairstyles 2013 in your own special way.

The Celebrity Styles

Short Celebrity Hairstyles 2013
Miley Cyrus


Celebrities always look gorgeous in their hairstyles, thanks to the hairstylists, but even the Award winning hairstylist will not help a lot when confidence sinks like a stone. The simple formula applies to you too. Short hair, to be specific, requires strong confidence to radiate the great style without fear. Once you are on the high ground, you can style your short hair curly or straight, your facial features will be accentuated, and the shape of your face will be highlighted. You are just right on your own red carpet!

Favorite Close Cut

short celebrity hairstyles 2013
Anne Hathaway


Let me share these top tips of our favorite celebrities with their short hairstyling.
  • For deep part of Anne Hathaway, you can use Gold Pomade. The deep part will add short hair an instant elegance.
  • Are you more to the sporty style? The edgy look of Miley Cyrus is a good job of razor cutting on the sides while leaving the front portions longer.
  • To keep yourself from mundaneness of short hairstyles, enjoy yourself experimenting with colors. Elisabeth Moss has chosen inky-black chocolate brown for herself.
  • Michelle Williams knows well how to benefit herself from various styling products. Her short cuts stay shiny and smooth because of Elixir Ultime while Bumble Semisumo creates sharper pieces. Add textures with Bumble whenever necessary.

Short hairstyles seem to be ready to last for a while in 2013. Therefore, investing on the regiments of hair styling products is going to help you make your short cut a celebrity class.

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